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Installing the Microsoft Teams app is a prerequisite for Microsoft 365 for Jira when activating the Teams feature. Learn more about the app itself and who is in charge to install it.

Connecting Microsoft Teams with Jira

When activating the Teams feature you decide for a deep connection between your Microsoft Teams and Jira. Only when installing our Microsoft Teams app you can use the feature’s full potential.

App required

It is the Microsoft Teams app that enables Jira features in your Microsoft Teams and allows for additional features when working in Jira.

It allows you to e.g. search for and post Jira issues in a Teams channel and based on Microsoft Teams conversations you could even link them to existing issues, create new ones or add them as Jira issue comments - all in Microsoft Teams.

We have listed some major features in Microsoft Teams you can only use when installing the app:

Post a Jira issue in a Microsoft Teams channel - from Jira

You can select only those channels in Microsoft Teams teams where you have installed the app. Other channels are shown as disabled.

We recommend to install the app for all your teams in Microsoft Teams. Then all channels are available automatically.

Discuss Jira issues in Microsoft Teams

Search for Jira issues in Microsoft Teams to discuss them with your team collaboratively.

Create new Jira issues

Create new Jira issues based on a Microsoft Teams conversation.

(see drop-down menu for more features e.g. “Link to Jira issue” and “Add Jira issue comment”)

Conversational ticketing JIRA CLOUD ONLY

Conversational ticketing with Microsoft Teams.

Let customers create support tickets right from Microsoft Teams.

Learn more about the features in Microsoft Teams!

App not required

Right after activating the teams feature, team members mainly working in Jira will be able to use basic features in Jira. Principally, they could start a Microsoft Teams chat right from their Jira issue - either with one or more users.

Sure, this already is a major benefit and allows for smarter workflows across tools (see below).

Nevertheless, the Teams feature only unfolds its full power if the Microsoft Teams app is installed. Otherwise smart teamwork will be limited to a small amount of user groups in your company.

Chat with your team in Jira

Start a chat right in your Jira issue to reach out to your team.

- With Microsoft Teams app: Access Jira features in Teams and start channel conversations in Jira.
- Without Microsoft Teams app: Only start Teams chats in Jira.

Installation of Microsoft Teams app

Similar to the Outlook add-in, the Microsoft Teams app enables many more features in Teams and in Jira. When deciding to use the Teams features in the Microsoft 365 for Jira admin settings, we recommend to also install our Microsoft Teams app in order to use the features' full potential.

The Microsoft Teams app needs to be installed by your Microsoft 365 admin.

Install the Microsoft Teams app

The same goes for our Outlook features. Learn more about the Outlook add-in.