With the advanced configuration you can tailor the app to your own individual needs. Define detailed sync options for your current Jira project. Read below how it works and about the differences to the simple settings.

Difference to simple configuration

In the simple configuration you can set-up the sync of your Jira issues into your Microsoft To Do list in simple steps. There are no detailed configuration options available.

On a basic level you can define:

  • your To Do list

  • two issue types to be synced
    (assigned to you or with highest priority)

  • basic sync options

On the advanced level you can define:

  • your To Do list

  • (more) issue types to be synced
    (assigned to you, priority, status, type etc.)

  • advanced sync options
    (e.g. also sync due dates of issues in To Do)

Configure the advanced sync

To get started, please go to the project for which you want to configure the issue sync. You can find the app in the sidebar of your project then.

Choose the advanced settings to start tailoring the app. Switch to simple at any time, if needed.

Choose Jira issues

Start with the Jira issues first. Click on “type” and choose the issue types you’d like to sync. Click “More” to set individual issue criteria for your sync.

Choose the To Do List

This is similar to the simple settings. Choose your To Do list you want to see the Jira issues in.

Configure sync options

Define your sync options in more detail e.g. take over the due dates of your Jira issues into your To Do list and stay on track on urgent tasks.

Moreover, choose among more options (compared to the simple configuration) on what should happen to the task in Microsoft To Do, if the Jira issue is completed (or changed).

Sure, also define what should happen to the Jira issue in your project, if the task in To Do has been completed. Especially for all those users mainly using To Do for their daily planning, tasks might rather be completed in To Do. Define here, where the respective issue in Jira should be transitioned to (e.g. “done”).

Start / Stop the sync

Lastly, the sync can be started with a click. Our app also lets you know how many issues you’re about to sync!

You want to change/adapt the sync? Sure! Stop the sync and redefine your settings at any time.

The best: you can configure the sync for all of your Jira projects. For example when working with To Do a lot it might be very helpful to regularly sync issue-related information to individual To Do lists.

Never lose track again and stop switching times between programs (To Do and Jira).

Once set, you’re ready to go!