When using Microsoft 365 for Jira for the very first time, there is no particular set-up you need to follow. Read more on the next simple steps to kick-start with the app.

In Jira

As soon as your Jira admin has activated and configured the features of Microsoft 365 for Jira, you’ll be able use several Microsoft integrations in Jira.

Microsoft 365 log-in

If you open your Jira issue and you want to work with any integration for the very first time, you need to log-in with your Microsoft 365 account.

Please note: You only need to log-in once. After the initial log-in, you’ll be logged in automatically.

In Outlook

To use the functionality in Outlook you need to install the Outlook add-in. There are two different add-ins for you to chose from, depending on your needs - please ask your Jira admin which one to choose.