In Jira, agents can raise requests on behalf of customers, e.g. when they receive a request by phone and want the progress to be tracked. It is also possible there to simply enter an email address for new customers. Then, when creating the request, a new customer user will be created automatically by Jira, and an email invite will be sent to that user, giving them portal access. Customers do not consume Jira Service Management licenses or Jira user licenses, therefore are free.

Our add-in allows to do the same thing from Outlook.

How to use it

New customer users will be created, if the following conditions are met.

  • You have a Jira Service Management project selected

  • You are using a “Request type” to create the issue. Creating an issue via “Issue Type” cannot create new customer users.

  • An email address is entered in the “On Behalf of” field, for which no customer exists yet (indicated by a “new”-label). This field will by default already be pre-filled by our Add-In. This can be changed by using the templates in the admin section of our Jira app, see also Templating basics.

If you don’t want customers to be created automatically

We currently do not offer a way to remove this feature completely, but you can disable it or work around in certain ways.

  • Remove the permission “Modify reporter” for your agents in Jira Service Management. This will disallow raising issues on behalf of customers.

  • Change the default template for the “Reporter” field from <SENDER> to <USER>. This will auto-fill the current user of the Outlook add-in to be used as reporter by default.

  • Use the issue type instead of the request type to create new issues.

  • Manually remove the value for the “On behalf of” field when creating an issue.