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Email: External Connections

This page has an overview of external services (our APIs) the different add-ins rely on. Our general mantra is to do as little external communication as technically possible.

COM add-in

Since the COM add-in is installed locally, it has a lot less limitations in terms of connections, so we don’t need to rely on external services for the connection to Jira. See Email: Connect to a Jira instance for more details.

The COM add-in always connects directly to Jira! No data from Jira or your email inbox is ever sent to an external service.

There are a few helper services necessary to run the add-in though, dependent on your deployment method.

Automatic Update

The automatic updater periodically checks for updates to the COM add-in. The following URL is accessed via TLS to check for updates and to download an update (plus it’s digital signature).*

Office add-in

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