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Emails: Permissions

Jira Cloud app

When installing the app on Jira Cloud, it will ask for three authorizations:

Read & Write Data

This is a basic permissions for every app. We want to create tickets for the user so we need to read and write to Jira.

Email Access

Since the GDPR-related changes, users can control the visibility of their email address. We need to match email addresses in Outlook to Jira users, therefore we need access to this API.

More information can be found here: Why does the app needs "email access" permissions?

Modern Office add-in

Installing the app via the Microsoft Office store (AppSource) will require you to give access to your mailbox. This is necessary because we don’t only work with the current email, but also show related issues based on the whole email conversation.

We only use the data to provide the app features. We only access them when using the add-in and we never store your personal data on an external server (except for Jira itself).

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