If you are an Office 365 administrator, and you want to grant the necessary Azure / Graph API permissions for all your users, you can do so in two different ways.

When you authorize the app for your account

When you log in to our app while having an administrator role assigned, you’ll see a checkbox similar to this screen (this is an example, it’ll actually say “To Do for Jira”):

If you choose “Consent on behalf of your organization” before you accept, your users will not have to consent manually, but will be logged in more easily.

In Azure Portal

In case you missed this dialog (it’ll be only shown once), you can also consent for your users afterwards. To do this, please visit the Azure Portal.

From there, please navigate to “Azure Active Directory” → “Enterprise Application” → “All Applications” → “To Do for Jira” → Permissions.

On this page, you can consent for all your users using the “Grant admin consent” button.