If you are using Jira Server, you are able to provide a custom Azure app registration. If you are unsure if this is right for you or how to configure it, read on!


  • Access to AzureAD & app registrations

  • Access to the admin are of Jira Server

  • A Jira Server system with SSL enabled (https)

Why use a custom app registration?

Usually, if you are unsure if you need a custom app registration, the answer is probably “No, you don’t need one”. A custom app registration is only recommended, when your corporate policies don’t allow external app registrations.

Even if you don’t use a custom app registration, we don’t get access to the logged in users access tokens. We store these on the Jira Server itself.

In detail, what changes if you enable the custom registration.

User Authorization

The user authorization is done using the Azure AD Authorization Code Flow using MSAL 2.

Using the default app provided by yasoon, the login involves a yasoon server and an additional login step for the users:


By using a custom app registration, you specify the redirect URL directly to your system, so there are no yasoon services involved and the users are not shown the additional dialog.

How to configure a custom app registration

Please start in the “Advanced Settings” section of the app settings. At the bottom you should be able to see the following screen, which can be used to configure the app registration.

Note: When enabling and saving the custom app registration, all users will keep their existing sessions for up to 24hours. On the next login, users will start using the custom app registration.

As you can see, we need an Client ID and Tenant ID for the registration.

First, please head over to the app registration section of your AzureAD portal: Over here! If you manage multiple tenants, please make sure you are in the correct one!

User App Registration

In the Azure portal, create a new registration using the button at the top:

Next, please provide a name for the registration, account type and redirect URL:





Outlook Meetings for Jira

This is the name the user when login for the first time with his Microsoft Account.

Supported Account Types

Single Tenant

Right now, Single Tenant is the only support option for custom app registrations. This means, only users from your tenant can login to the app - no external users or partners.

Redirect URL


Switch from “Web” to “Single-page application”


<JIRA BASE URL>/download/resources/yasoon-jsd-meeting:server-resources/html/authDialog.html

This is the success page for the login hosted by your Jira instance. Please replace with the correct Jira Base URL

After saving the app, you’ll see the required information directly at the Overview page:

Enter Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID into the Form on your Jira instance and click “apply”.