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Hey there - glad you are interested in our Microsoft To Do for Jira app!

This guide will get you started on the basic things you can do using our app.

Personal tasks for Jira issues

This feature allows you to create tasks in your personal To Do list from any Jira issue. When working on a Jira issue, you usually break the issue down into smaller parts to work on. You might not think about this much, but almost all the time, there are even smaller, personal tasks to each issue, e.g.

  • Call someone to get a necessary information

  • Do some research on a certain API

  • Double check a certain thing before it’s released

Most users do not explicitly write down these kinds of tasks, even though this can help you a lot in planning your day and making your work more manageable.

Now, with our personal task feature, you can easily add those little tasks to your To Do list. They will only be visible to you, no one else has access to them, so you don’t need to worry in case you need to research something first.

Learn more about this feature

Syncing Jira issues to your To Do list

Syncing Jira issues is an advanced feature of our app. It allows you to see your Jira issues in Microsoft To Do, to make it easier to plan your work day.

The most basic scenario we support is syncing your assigned issue of a certain project to your To Do app. You can easily configure this in every project in Jira, using the “Microsoft To Do” menu.

With a few easy steps, you can configure this feature to your preferences. In addition to just syncing the tasks one way, you can also:

  • Automatically complete tasks if the Jira issue is marked as done

  • Automatically transition the Jira issue (e.g. to “Done”) when you check off a task in To Do

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