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Meetings: Copy meeting info back into the issue

For our Jira Cloud customers please see our Automation Configuration on how to copy meeting info back into the issue.

Outlook Meetings for Jira has a little hidden feature that allows you to use values from the send meeting request and save these in the issue.

E.g. you can use the Meeting Start Date and save it in a customfield for “Customer Meeting Time”.

Depending on the popularity of the feature, we might make it available in an easier way with more visual configuration. If you need support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is how it is done:

1. Open the project settings

The configuration can be done on project level. Please open the project you want to configure

For Classical Projects the path is: Project Settings → Outlook Meetings

For Next-Gen Projects, please use: Project Settings → Apps → Outlook Meetings

There you will find a textbox for additional configuration:

2. The configuration

The configuration in the textbox must be a valid json having the following structure.
It is an array of configuration objects. You can apply multiple configurations, depending on the issueType and status of the ticket. If you want it to be valid for all issuetypes or all status, just use a '*'

This is the most simple configuration valid for all issueTypes and all status. It will copy the STARTDATE of the meeting into customfield_10000 and the ENDDATE into customfield_10001.

  "mapping": {

Don’t know the field ids?

Currently the following meeting values are supported:


3. Save

There is a separate save button - don’t miss to press it 🙂

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