Creating your first Confluence meeting notes agenda from Outlook is quite simple.

Logging in

By clicking on the “Meeting Notes” ribbon in the Outlook schedule meetings or appointment window opens a sidebar with the add-in. When you are using the app for the first time you need to choose your Environment or choose not sure.

Using Confluence Server you will need to enter your Confluence Base Url What is the Confluence Base URL? and follow the login in the opened popup. Using Confluence Cloud a popup will open directly showing a list with your Confluence instances. 

Getting started

When logged in you can select the location for your first meeting notes page in Confluence. Continue by selecting a space and a parent page. After that you can choose a name for the page and continue with clicking on “Create meeting notes”. Then the meeting will be enriched with a link to the Confluence meeting notes page.





You can now add items to your agenda. Each agenda item has a title, duration and presenter which can be set. New items can be added, reordered and deleted.

When sending the meeting invite or saving the appointment, the Confluence page gets created automatically. You can now view and edit the agenda collaboratively both from Outlook and Confluence.