Microsoft Teams for Jira is one of our core products, which we’re constantly evolving. Our main focus in the upcoming months will be modern IT support with Jira Service Management and Teams.

These are our committed features for the roadmap in 2021:

🎯 Coming soon

  • Users will see their open requests and status updates in a tab in Microsoft Teams

  • Agent comments in Jira will be pushed to the customer as a Teams notification

👍 Our plans for 2021

Focus Topic

Features JSM

Features Jira Software

Chat improvements & Automation

  • Allow every agent to view the chat in Jira (even when they are not a participant of the chat) SHIPPED

  • Allow other agents to join the chat

  • Backup chat to comments/file (manually only)

  • Integration with Jira Automation

  • View chat in customer portal

  • Minor improvements only


  • Customer notifications by bot

  • Configurable card layout

  • Configure which updates are posted to Teams

  • Live cards

Chat & Jira Software improvements

  • Chat with external customers TENTATIVE

  • Board view in Teams

  • Own issues tab

  • Create Issue improvements

Advanced features

  • Auto-backup of chat after ticket is resolved

  • Queue(s) in channel tab + notifications

You want to suggest a feature? We’re happy to hear about your use case!