All our apps are part of the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program.

Security is our highest priority and thus, we aim to fulfill any security standards required, to create customer trust across all our apps.

As soon as the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program was launched by Atlassian, it was just naturally for us, to take part in this program. It is a prerequisite for us to provide most secure and safe apps as data security and privacy is a hot topic when it comes to Cloud deployments.

What is the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program?

The Marketplace Bug Bounty Program is a powerful post-production tool to help detect vulnerabilities in applications and services. The program is, just like the Security Self-Assessment Program we also take part in, a collaboration between Atlassian and yasoon, as a Marketplace Partner.

In this program, crowdsources vulnerability discovery methods are used to detect security gaps in any product. For us, it is a prerequisite to push all our apps through this process.

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