yasoon successfully completed the Security Self Assessment Program.

Once a year, yasoon takes part in Atlassian’s Security Self Assessment Program. Due to regularly fulfilling Atlassian’s requirements on app security, we think there is no better way in proving that we put emphasis on this topic.

The program aims to encourage security mindfulness in the following three areas:

🔐 Data security

The cloud partner has a clear data security policy. Data vulnerabilities are considered and handled.

💿 Sensitive data handling

The cloud partner is mindful of the different types of data it handles and places extra security on sensitive data.

💻 Backups and disaster recovery

The cloud partner backs up its data regularly and has a clear plan for data recovery in case of disaster.

What is the Security Self Assessment Program?

As we all know, security is an important concern for our customers. This is why we take any chance to prove that our apps comply with the security standards & requirements of Atlassian and in turn, to increase customer trust in our products.

The security self-assessment program is a collaboration between Atlassian and yasoon, as a Marketplace Partner, to increase security awareness and to improve security practices.

The program needs to be run through once a year, so each year we need to fulfill specific (and changing) requirements. Once the assessment is approved from Atlassian, the application expires after one year and we we need to re-apply with updated information. Get more information about the program.