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Support for self-hosted Microsoft Exchange

As the speed that our customers are moving to Microsoft 365 is much faster than the move to the Atlassian cloud, we are constantly evaluating the support for Microsoft Exchange.

Up until now, we have tried to keep feature parity (e.g. in Outlook Email for Jira) on all platforms (Jira Server, Jira Cloud, Office 365, self-hosted Exchange), but that has led to certain compromises regarding to features. Going forward, we will implement more and more features that are only supported by Microsoft 365 services, to deliver a much improved experience.

Outlook Email for Jira

We do not have any plans to deprecate support for Exchange for Outlook Email for Jira, this is just about upcoming features.

Currently, our COM add-in and Office add-in supports all features for self-hosted Exchange and Microsoft 365. Starting December 2020, this will change, as we introduce sharing and sending emails for Jira Cloud and Microsoft 365 (support for Jira Server / Data Center is planned). Besides adding new Microsoft cloud-only features, we currently do not have any plans to drop support for self-hosted Exchange, as a lot of our customers are still using Exchange with the COM add-in.

Outlook Calendars for Confluence

Confluence Cloud

Starting December 2020, we will stop supporting self-hosted Exchange for new customers. We cannot securely and with good conscience support this feature for Confluence Cloud anymore. We will be working with existing customers to keep using this, but the Marketplace version will stop supporting Exchange altogether early 2021.

Confluence Server / Data Center

Q1 2022, we plan on releasing version 2.0 of the app for Confluence Server & Data Center. This version will drop support for self-hosted Exchange as well, to simplify our architecture and better support customers on Microsoft 365. Existing customers will be able to stay on version 1.* to keep support for Exchange. We will provide bugfixes for the 1.* versions for another 12 months. After that, you’ll still be able to keep using the 1.* version, just without support from our side.

Other products

All other products currently do not support self-hosted Microsoft Exchange - we have no plans to add support in the future.

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