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Outlook calendar in Jira

Our calendar feature does not require specific configuration to be used after the activation.

However, there are some smaller configurations you can do. See below.

Global configuration

Calendar sharing settings

When using Outlook calendars in Jira, you can decide in your admin settings, if calendar data should be shared or not.

Once you have toggled it on, data is shared with everyone having access to the calendar. It you toggle it off later on, shared data until then is still shared. Only future data won’t.

Work on projects as a team in Jira and keep all up-to-date on current status and progresses (including Outlook and Jira data such as issues due dates, sprints etc.)

Shared mailboxes

Of course you can add more inboxes to your global calendars template by adding them here.

Project specific configuration

There is no project specific configuration for our calendar feature.

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