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Email: Configuring Outlook add-in templates (advanced)

On this page you will learn how to configure the templates in the admin section of our Jira app and use their power to its fullest. Make sure to have read the Email: Outlook add-in templates basics to fully understand the content of this page.

Why make it even more complex?

If you oversee a bigger Jira instance it can happen that creating issues does not have the same requirements everywhere in your company when using our Outlook add-in. Different issue types might have their fields to be filled differently and the same issue type might have to be treated differently in another project. Keep in mind that none of this is required to use our Outlook add-in as many use-cases are already represented by using only the default template.

Enable multiple templates

You can enable multiple templates in the top-right of the Templates tab of our Jira app’s admin section (“Enable Context”).

You can then create your first additional template.

Scope of the template

You can choose in which context the template should be applied. The selected scopes can be combined to further sharpen the scope of the single template.

Jira User group

Especially useful for testing out new templates only for “jira-administrators” without fearing to impact users in production but other use cases are conceivable.


Defines the project this template should be applied to. Probably most used to fulfill specific needs for users of this project.

Issue Type

Defines the issue type this template should be applied to. Probably most used to fulfill specific needs for users using this issue type. When selecting this option it is strongly advised to also select a specific project to get better suggestions for the selectable fields and their possible values.

Template priority

When creating an issue with our Outlook add-in the creating user’s user groups, the chosen project and issue type determine which templates are applicable.

The first found template for this exact scope (user group, project, issue type) is directly applied.

The default template will only be applied if no other template matches the scope.

As user groups can overlap: If you specified user groups for your templates, you can define the priority of those templates relative to each other to define which template should be applied if a user was in both user groups.

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