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Human resource management

In our demo we show you how Microsoft 365 for Jira works in a business case - here in HR.

It illustrates how to work with your emails more effectively by using Jira features in Outlook, how to easily schedule meetings in Jira and how to collaborate on issues directly from Microsoft Teams and Jira.

When working with Jira and Microsoft 365 you already have the best precondition to enable smart workflows across tools and departments. With Microsoft 365 for Jira you create a deep connection between both worlds and allow for better teamwork.

In Outlook you can work with your emails more effectively by using Jira features right in Outlook. Create new issues and share whole email conversations to Jira to make important information available for the rest of your team. They can reply to these emails right from Jira.

Teams working in Jira can easily reach out to teams working in Microsoft Teams via chat. Clarify on status or ask for additional information - either way - the conversation will be linked in Teams and in Jira. Lastly, schedule Outlook or Microsoft Teams meetings from the issue.

Try it out and convince yourself!


(tick) Improved project management

(tick) Transparent information flows

(tick) Seamless integration in existing work flows

(tick) Independently of preferred tool usage

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