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Jira Cloud (Outlook Meetings for Jira)

Here we will publish the latest changes and bugfixes that went live.


  • Add a Teams channel to host the Teams meetings - learn more

  • Users involved with the issue are now suggested in attendee picker

  • App remembers if meeting has been sent privately last time

  • App now available on Jira Cloud mobile app & native Jira Cloud Mac app


  • Datetime picker has shown incorrect values for some configurations

  • Meeting length was not taken into account when calculating availabilities

  • Performance improvement when searching for users

  • Bugfix with Issue Copy Templates not setting datetime fields correctly

  • Bugfix not rendering the datetime picker correctly in certain localizations

  • Bugfix showing at least own availabilities if only working with external users

  • Bugfix that now allows to remove the last attendee again

  • Bugfix that now allows to remove the last selected location again


  • It’s now supported to adjust the meeting request template that is sent. You can add custom issue fields and a limited set of HTML formatting


  • Fix: For long event titles, card would go out of view, hiding the action buttons


  • Fix: Unable to plan meetings shorter than 15 min

  • Fix: Adjusting start/end date works a bit more intuitive


  • Fix: Project settings would not render correctly (only partially)


  • Fix: Sometimes dial-in number would not appear in sent out meeting request

New features

  • Support for all day & private meetings

  • Cancel meetings & open in Outlook for Web

  • Dial-in information for Microsoft Teams meetings are now supported

  • To book Teams meetings, no admin login is required anymore


  • Fixed some timezone issues (cards displayed incorrect local time)

  • Fixed adding comments to Jira Service Desk issues without request type

  • Updates to the meeting (time, subject) will now show up for the organizer and attendees in Jira

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