Here we will publish the latest changes and bugfixes that went live. For minor versions please also check the Marketplace listing.

Version 2.5.1


  • Add a Teams channel to host the Teams meetings - learn more

  • Users involved with the issue are now suggested in attendee picker

  • App remembers if meeting has been sent privately last time


  • Datetime picker has shown incorrect values for some configurations

  • Meeting length was not taken into account when calculating availabilities

  • Performance improvement when searching for users

  • Bugfix with Issue Copy Templates not setting datetime fields correctly

  • Bugfix not rendering the datetime picker correctly in certain localizations

  • Bugfix showing at least own availabilities if only working with external users

  • Bugfix that now allows to remove the last attendee again

  • Bugfix that now allows to remove the last selected location again

Version 2.0-2.2.6


  • Support for custom Meeting Request templates

  • Multi-User pickers are now available for configuration


  • Upgrade Microsoft Authentication to fix some corner-cases & login on HTTP systems

  • Fix issue with room selection

  • Fix a bug with wrong line break encoding

  • Fix low severity security issue

  • Bugfix: global visibility settings did not work after the security updates

  • Bugfix: updates to start date to an earlier day lead to multi-day meetings

  • Bugfix: Project Admin menu did not work for pure Jira Service Desk installations

  • Fixed a bug that fields were only available in configuration if they were part of the creation screen

  • Fixed rendering issues on the project settings page

Version 2.1.0


  • Fixes some bugs that prevent project admin configuration page to load with certain field configurations

Version 2.0.0

We've reworked the whole connectivity to the latest Microsoft Authentication flow. As a result, after the update all users are logged out and need to re-login.

In case you have a custom app registration, you'll need to set it up once again.


  • More possibilities when scheduling a meeting

  • More consistent loading

  • Add Teams join URL, so users can enter the meeting with one click

Version 1.5.6


  • Fixed overflow in event card, hiding the action buttons if title was too long

  • Date time picker behaves a bit more sane now when entering custom times (work in progress)

  • Calendar item body is now added correctly when Teams dial-in data is available

Version 1.5.0

New features

  • Support for all day & private meetings

  • Cancel meetings & open in Outlook for Web

  • Dial-in information for Microsoft Teams meetings are now supported


  • Fixed some timezone issues (cards displayed incorrect local time)

  • Fixed adding comments to Jira Service Desk issues without request type

  • Updates to the meeting (time, subject) will now show up for the organizer and attendees in Jira

Version 1.4.0

Upgrading from 1.3.*

You should have no issue upgrading from the previous version.


  • Choose if a comment (public/internal) should be added when scheduling a meeting

  • It's now possible to enter a custom meeting time, outside of work hours (in 24h format)


  • Fixed a bug that would fail to load the UI if the authentication expired

  • Fixed a bug that would fail to load meeting time suggestions in the dialog

  • Fixed a bug that would not show the project / admin settings, except for system admins

  • Improved some UI texts to make things more clear

Version 1.3.1

Upgrading from 1.3.0

You should have no issue upgrading from the previous version.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating meetings with an empty comment

  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't show the UI if an attendee is not available for more than 7 days

Version 1.3.0

Upgrading from 1.2.0

You should have no issue upgrading from the previous version.

New Features / Notable changes

  • We reworked the scheduling dialog. It now supports timezones and meeting suggestions (e.g. if you invite additional attendees to the meeting).

  • Only one area with suggestions is now shown, if all involved persons are required attendee

  • Logging out is now supported, in case you need to switch Office 365 accounts

Notable Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that blocked the issue navigator view with a white overlay in Jira < 8.0

  • Fixed a bug which prevented showing meeting suggestions if external users are involved

  • Fixed that by default, UTC would be used as a timezone for the Outlook meeting

  • Fixed a bug which would show the prompt for permissions too often when logging in to Office 365

Known Issues

  • None

Version 1.2.2

Upgrading from 1.2.0

You should have no issue upgrading from the previous version.

New Features

  • Choose between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business for messaging/calls
    If you are still using Skype for Business, you can now choose your preferred client for calls + messages

Notable Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the dialog from showing in Jira versions < 8.0

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Firefox 60 (ESR) and IE 11

Known Issues

  • If an external participant (not in your Office 365, e.g. a customer) is part of the attendee list, no suggestions will show up. We'll fix this with a new major release in the next few weeks.

Version 1.2.0

Upgrading from 1.0.*

You should have no issue upgrading from the previous version.

New Features

  • Specify a location for the meeting and select a meeting room

  • Configure how many meeting time suggestions you want to see (default: 4)

  • Configure which issue fields should be used to determine meeting suggestions (incl. custom fields)

  • Improved suggestion design

  • Use your own AzureAD app registration on Jira Server

Notable Bugfixes

  • Your own availability now shows correctly

Known Issues

  • None - if you notice anything, please let us know!

Version 1.0.0

🚀 This is the initial release, so everything is new 🎉🤩