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Known Limitations

We put quality first. This is why there are maybe not all features you’re currently enjoying available with Microsoft 365 for Jira. However, we’re working on this and additionally, we strive to provide you with even more “must-haves” in future.

🖨️ Hybrid environments

In case you are using any kind of hybrid Microsoft setup (on-Premise Exchange or on-Premise Active Directory), your milage will vary greatly. We do not test this kind of setup with our app and consider it unsupported.

📢 Channel conversations

Private & shared channels are currently not supported. The bot is required for most features to work correctly, and bots are currently not allowed to access private channels at all.

👥 Chat

You cannot upload attachments from Jira (besides pasting images) and a few other forms of formatting are not possible.

📅 Meeting suggestions fail to load

In some cases, meeting suggestions will not be displayed. This currently happens when a required attendee is not available for any meeting during the next 7 days. We will adjust this behavior in an upcoming release, to look further into the future. For now, please use the scheduling dialog to manually find matching timeslots (e.g. by skipping a week into the future).

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