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Teams: Configure visibility in Jira issue

By default, our app will appear prominently in the issue view.


When activating the Teams feature, you can jump to the Teams settings in your sidebar.

Go to the tab “Settings” and change appearance settings in the section “Appearance”.

Microsoft Teams app_Appearance settings.jpg

View options

Basically we offer three different options to access MS Teams in your Jira issue. See below.

Microsoft Teams app_Appearance settings_Issue content.jpg

Issue content

The Teams feature will be available prominently at the top (icon).

Microsoft Teams app_Appearance settings_Issue content Quick Create.jpg

Quick create area

The Teams feature will be available via a separate “bar” within the issue.

This setting can be combined with the above-mentioned “issue content” setting and provides users more entry points to MS Teams.

Quick create area: this view option can be helpful, in case you want to transition from comments to Teams communication.

Microsoft Teams app_Appearance settings_Activity tab.jpg

Activity tab

The Teams feature will be accessible right next to “Add Jira comment” at the bottom of your Jira issue.

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