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MS Teams: Configure app

By default, our app will appear prominently in the issue view.


Go to the Jira app settings:

  • Jira Cloud: Jira Settings → Apps → Microsoft Teams for Jira → Getting Started

  • Jira Server / DC: Jira Settings → Manage Apps → Microsoft Teams for Jira → Getting Started

In the settings menu, you can find the appearance configuration.

Issue Content

Selected by default.

By selecting this option, the Teams feature will appear right at the top in your Jira issue view (Jira Cloud).

When clicking on the Teams icon, a dialogue opens directly in Jira and allows you start a MS Teams channel conversation or MS Teams chat (even with externals!).

As soon as team members reply via Microsoft Teams channel or chat, all replies will automatically appear in the Jira issue, as well.

Quick create mode

In case you have toggled the quick create mode in the settings, the lower area will always display and show a comment-like interface. This can be helpful, in case you want to transition from comments to Teams communication.

Activity Tab

Using this option, the Microsoft Teams area will appear in the bottom, next to the Jira comments and the issue history.

Defaults setting

You can configure the default settings when creating a chat or posting into a channel. These can be overwritten for each project by the project admin.

  • Choose whether chat or channel conversation are initially selected when starting a Teams conversation

  • Choose who should be able to view this chat in Jira

  • Choose, if a notification comment should be added to the issue with a link to the Teams conversation

Chat subject templates

Templates are now introduced as separate feature. For more information please see: Templates

You can adjust the subject template to customize your default chat title in Microsoft Teams. Use all available fields of the issue (like lables, or epics) or add plain text. These can be overwritten for each project by the project admin.

The new default chat title will be visible as soon as you start a new chat coming from Jira.

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