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This article will provide you with an overview of the required permissions - both on Jira and Microsoft side. As a general rule of thumb, we always try to request as little as permission as technically possible.

If you have any questions or concern, please make sure to contact us!

Jira Permissions

Permission Name

Atlassian Description


Act as user

Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline

The automatic sync can transition Jira issues, which is done on behalf of the user

Read & write

Read & write data from and to the host application

We need to store certain properties in the issue, to be able to find associated Microsoft To Do tasks

Microsoft Permissions

Permission Name

Microsoft Description



Maintain access to data you have given it access to

Basic permission to be able to access the users account. Automatic sync of Jira issues runs in the background, so we need to be able to access without an UI


Sign users in

Basic permission to be able to ask the user for permissions


View users' basic profile

Basic permission to display the users name in the UI


Sign in and read user profile

Basic permission to do the things, the permissions above should have been enough to do 🙄


Read user tasks

Display the tasks from Microsoft To Do in the Jira issue


Create, read, update and delete user tasks and projects

Create new tasks from the Jira issue and from the automatic sync


Read and write user and shared tasks

Necessary to allow creation of tasks in shared lists

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