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Project management

Microsoft 365 for Jira deeply connects with Microsoft Teams, Outlook and To Do. Watch our demo video below and learn how teams can use Microsoft 365 for Jira in project management.

Usually, teams work with different tools to different extents across departments. This oftentimes leads to fragmented information flows and makes it hard to communicate transparently.

However, it is not important to establish one tool for all, but rather to allow all teams to stay in their hometurf and to provide an app that connects these tools.

With Microsoft 365 for Jira there is an app that allows for this connection and provides Microsoft 365 integrations in Jira and Jira functionality in Microsoft 365 tools.

Try it out and convince yourself!


(tick) Quick decision-making processes

(tick) Better information flows

(tick) Tracking of data and information

(tick) Seamless integration in existing work flow

(tick) Quick & easy set-up

(tick) No onboarding to new tools or programs (it’s all there!)

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