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Microsoft 365 for Jira is the leading full-scale integration between Jira and Microsoft 365.

And there are still a lot more features and innovations coming up. Watch our app on the Atlassian Marketplace to stay-up-to-date on latest releases. Alternatively, watch our release notes.

Microsoft 365 for Jira

Overall improvements and app features coming soon:

🚀 We’re currently working on your Microsoft 365 to make it even smoother, way easier to set-up and more intuitive. Sure we’re still optimizing our existing features for you and constantly develop new ideas to make your product experience a good one 🙂 Have a look below!

Microsoft Teams

Focus Topic

Features JSM

Features Jira Software


  • Personal notifications

Jira Software improvements

  • Own issues tab

  • Create issue improvements


Focus Topic

Features in Jira

Features in Outlook

Jira improvements

  • Notify issue watchers when new email arrives in linked conversation

  • Make emails visible in mobile app


Focus Topic


Better integration with Teams

  • Teams channel calendar

  • Issue view in teams meeting

  • Show scheduled project meetings in Jira


  • Support sending out meeting requests programmatically

Make events editable in Jira issue (2023)

  • Organizers can edit their scheduled events (via the scheduled meetings panel)

  • Prerequisite for presets

Outlook calendar in Jira (2023)

  • Use the new meetings dialogue (UI) when scheduling meetings in Jira via Outlook calendar

Outlook Calendars for Confluence (2024)

  • Use the new meetings dialogue (UI) when scheduling meetings via our Outlook Calendars for Confluence app

To Do

Focus Topic


Sync improvements

  • Sync issues with @-mentions

  • Sync issues for current sprint only

  • Create issues from To Do

Server / Data Center

🤝 Feedback

Our customers’ feedback makes a difference and influences our roadmap. Thus, it is important for us to hear your thoughts on features and our roadmap in general.


Do you think that there are features on our roadmap which should be launched earlier than later?

Are there features you think would make a huge difference in your company and overall workflows?

Missing features:

Are there any features you currently miss and are maybe used to (based on our “stand alone” apps or any other app you might have used before)?

Feature proposal:

You think there is a major feature missing and we currently don’t have it on our roadmap yet?

Let us know! Your opinion is important for us!

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