Feature overview


Get an overview of your daily tasks right in one place: Sync all of your Jira issues automatically in your chosen Microsoft To Do list.


Configure the sync

  • Set-up the sync first, to access Jira issues in your Microsoft To Do list.

  • Choose between the simple set-up or advanced set-up USER TO DO

    • Follow the instructions as mentioned in product

  • Check out the differences between the simple and advanced set-up:

Simple mode

Advanced mode

Define To Do list

Define To Do list

Sync two issue types
(Assigned to me, With highest priority)

Sync more issue types
(Assigned to me, priority, status, type etc.)

Basic sync options

More detailed sync options
(e.g. sync due dates of issues in To Do list)

Start the sync

  • Set-up completed? Perfect, you can now work with your issues in To Do!


Structure your day

Improve task management even in Outlook

Feature requirements

In order to sync Jira issues in your Microsoft To Do list, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud only!

  • Microsoft 365 (sync requires MS 365 log-in)