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Microsoft To Do in Jira

Our To Do feature does not require specific configuration to be used after the activation.

However, the initial set-up of the sync between Jira and Microsoft To Do can be seen as some kind of small configuration which needs to be done to use our feature in the first place. See below.

Global configuration

There is no global configuration for our To Do feature.

Project specific configuration

Quick overview

Configure the sync

Start the sync

Sync Jira and Microsoft To Do and keep track of all your tasks.

Start simple (see screen) or advanced and have business dates from Jira and personal ones all available in your To Do lists.

Advanced mode

Configure the sync in more detail, if required.

E.g. only sync those issues with a critical due date in your “Priority” list in To Do to prioritize them.

Configure sync options

When setting up the sync in the advanced mode you can define the sync in more detail.

Compared to the simple mode where you can only answer with yes or no.

Have all tasks in To Do

After the sync is set, you now have all tasks (as configured in the settings) available in your chosen To Do list.

Click on a task and jump to Jira if it’s a Jira issue.

Deactivate the sync

If you have new criteria for your sync or if you just want to deactivate the sync again, click on the red button in your project settings.

Simple vs. advanced mode

Simple mode

Advanced mode

Define To Do list to sync issues in

Define To Do list to sync issues in

Sync two issue types
(Assigned to me, With highest priority)

Sync more issue types
(Assigned to me, priority, status, type etc.)

Basic sync options

More detailed sync options
(e.g. sync due dates of issues in To Do list)

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