The Outlook calendar provides a battle-tested solution to plan projects and meetings. We bring the power of Outlook to Confluence – therefore offering a great alternative to Team Calendars for Confluence Premium.

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Outlook Calendars for Confluence vs. Team Calendars

✅ supported ❌ not supported


Outlook Calendars for Confluence (new version as of March 2021)

Team Calendars

Main features

Add calendars to Confluence pages or spaces

Show personal or shared Outlook calendars in Confluence

Edit personal or shared Outlook calendars in Confluence

Schedule Outlook & Microsoft Teams meetings in Confluence

Visualize Jira issues (also based on custom fields)

Visualize Jira sprints

Additional features

Permission management

Different calendar layouts

Show Google and Apple calendars

on the roadmap

Show and edit group and Microsoft Teams Calendars

Add calendars easily with templates

Add data from multiple Jira instances

Edit Jira issues from the calendar view

Calendar UI is translatable

Data source

Single source of truth is in

Microsoft 365



Security Self-Assessment Program

Marketplace Bug Bounty Program




older version available

Data Center

older version available

Information from April 2021

Pricing differences Confluence Premium (incl. Team Calendars) vs. Outlook Calendars for Confluence per year

Tier (in user)

Confluence Premium

Outlook Calendars for Confluence

Savings when choosing Outlook Calendars for Confluence


$ 1.200,00

$ 60,00

$ 1.140,00


$ 6.000,00

$ 300,00

$ 5.700,00


$ 12.000,00

$ 600,00

$ 11.400,00


$ 41.100,00

$ 2.280,00

$ 38.820,00


$ 74.040,00

$ 3.720,00

$ 70.320,00


$ 337.800,00

$ 15.600,00

$ 322.200,00


$ 668.400,00

$ 31.200,00

$ 637.200,00

Pricing from February 2021

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