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Confluence Server: Requirements

This page documents how to setup the app for Confluence Server / Data Center.


The app deeply integrates with Microsoft 365, which is a cloud only solution.

For that reason, our app behaves a bit differently than “classic” Confluence Server apps that only run on the local instance.

  1. The instance server itself needs to make calls to *

  2. All users needs to be able to access *

  3. User that want to edit the calendar needs to have an Microsoft 365 account.

If necessary, please make sure to adjust the Firewall settings accordingly.

Initial configuration

In general, you should not need to configure anything manually if you meet the prerequisites listed above. On installation, we’ll register the instance with our cloud infrastructure and exchange a private secret for your instance.

If you did not meet the prerequisites during installation, you can manually check the Connectivity tab in the App admin settings and setup the connection afterwards. We also provide support tools to investigate any issues.


The app uses a secret that only admins should have access to. Whenever you remove an admin, we recommend to rotate the secret in the Connectivity tab to keep everything secure against malicious access by the removed person.

Microsoft 365

Outlook Calendars for Confluence works best with Microsoft 365 business accounts.

Limited functionality for individual calendars can be achieved with Microsoft 365 family and accounts. Rooms, groups and shared calendars do not exist in these editions and are not available in Confluence either.

Not supported are all other Microsoft accounts like or

If you are using Microsoft Exchange, do not upgrade to the new version 3. It won’t work for you. You can still use the old version, which we will provide bugfixes until March 2023. After that, you’ll still be able to keep using the 1.* version, just without support from our side.

You want to upgrade to version 3 from an older version? Read our upgrade guide.

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