Outlook Calendars for Confluence supports to embed global calendars (known as: shared mailboxes from Outlook) calendars directly into Confluence.

Steps to enable global mailboxes

💻 Go to the admin app settings by clicking “Getting started” in your Confluence settings.

📑 Navigate to the “Shared mailboxes“ tab and and choose “Add shared mailbox“.

🧐 Search for the mailbox you want to add.

(tick) When you have added a shared mailboxes in the admin configuration, a new Template “Global calendars” will appear when editing or embedding a new calendar.


Due to a limitation of the Microsoft Graph API, that we use to query calendars and events from a shared mailbox, you can only add calendars that were created using this API or our app.

However, if you added a calendar from a shared mailbox in a previous version of the app, we will have continued support for it.