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Live filtering of calendar events

Calendar events can be filtered on calendar views via the search bar and by clicking on user avatars.

For convenience, we added special characters that make the query more customizable. See the table below. The query is case insensitive, so it doesn’t make a difference if you combine upper/lower case letters.





Use spaces to concatenate search entries. This means, that both entries must be included in the same calendar event.

busy Pradeep

Only shows events where Pradeep is busy.

Vertical bar |

Use | for an “or” search. Notice that the vertical bar has no spaces around it.


Only shows events where Linda, Pradeep, or both are present.

Quotation marks “ “

For whole sentences or full names that contain spaces use double quotation marks.

"Daily standup"

Only shows events where the whole word “Daily standup” is included.

User Avatar

All users that are involved in issues and Outlook/Teams events are displayed next to the search bar as an Avatar. Clicking on an avatar will add the user details to the filter. If multiple users are added to the search, only those events are shown where either one of them or both are present.

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