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Data residency

Data residency is a tool to comply with data regulation and compliance laws but may also increase the performance of the application. yasoon ensures the data in-scope are stored only within the specified region.

Data stored temporarily (less than 7 days) for caching purposes are considered as data-in-transit and is not part of the data residency concept.


We currently provide data residency for the following regions


AWS Region


eu-central-1 in Frankfurt


us-east-1 in N. Virgina

Australia SOON


Regional data

The default for everything we store is to have it follow the data residency concept. The following data is stored within the region selected by the customer (or Frankfurt, eu-central-1 for Jira DC customers, currently).



User data

Ids, name & email address of users

User access tokens

Access tokens (Microsoft Graph, Atlassian OAuth1.0a and OAuth 2)

Jira & Confluence related data

The apps stores meta data related to issues/projects/spaces etc.

Microsoft Graph related data

The app store meta data related to Microsoft Graph activities (e.g. status of active subscriptions)


Settings created by the admins, e.g. templates, presets

Automation data

Data related to the automation features

Audit log

Log of auditable activities

Non-regional data

The following data is stored globally and are replicated into every region, to allow support of our data residency feature. When a user logs in to Jira from our app, we need to be able to determine the target region correctly. All of the data that is kept globally is stored for this single purpose.



Teams user data

We keep a mapping and user profile (incl. email address) of Microsoft Teams users to region to forward requests into the correct region.

Instance data

We maintain a list of all customer instances including their Jira URL and their region. Used to identify the correct region for a user during login.

Teams bot data

Microsoft Teams does not have a data residency concept for bots. We need to store bot installation data globally to forward these requests into the correct region.

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