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Incident management

We follow Atlassian’s lead as mentioned in their App Security Incident Management Guidelines on how to handle vulnerabilities discovered in our apps. Of course, we stick to Atlassian’s standard on timeframes on how quickly to solve these vulnerabilities depending on the severity level.

Incident management

As soon as we get notice or discover ourselves a security vulnerability, we’ll immediately set up an incident response team which assesses the level of vulnerability and rate it according to CVSS v3. A description of the security levels including examples can be found here: Severity Levels for Security Issues.

Based on the severity level we will treat the vulnerability as described in the Security Bugfix Policy and the Incident Management Guidelines, linked above.

However, there might be individual customers' needs, where we need add other, more suitable measures to best comply with Atlassian's standard. For example, we reach out to former customers or evaluators if necessary or set up a communication to individual organizations.

If there is an ongoing incident, we’ll post it to yasoon Status.

Security Bugfix Policy

We stick to Atlassian's Security Bug Fix Policy, which defines the security standards that developers who host apps on the Atlassian Marketplace must adhere to, especially when dealing with security vulnerabilities. Developers must comply with this policy to ensure they are safeguarding our customers' data.

You can find out all about this policy as well as SLAs here.

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