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Sub-processor change communication plan

If the customer signs up for notifications at the dedicated mailing list (instructions see below), yasoon GmbH will provide advance notice of any new third-party sub-processors by email to the license owner.

The customer will have ten (10) business days to object in writing if they have reasonable concerns about the new third-party sub-processor(s). If the customer fails to object within this time frame, it will be deemed as their approval.

In case of a reasonable objection, yasoon GmbH will try to avoid processing Personal Data through the third-party sub-processor(s) by making changes in the service or customer’s configuration. If yasoon GmbH cannot make these changes within sixty (60) days, the customer can terminate the applicable order for the affected service that cannot be provided without the use of the rejected third-party sub-processor.

Sub-processor mailing list

To enter our sub-processor mailing list and get updates about sub-processor changes, please subscribe to updates on and use the “subscribe to updates” button:


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