Only available for Jira Cloud and Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

In the “Related Emails” web panel you can see all mails shared by sending the mail directly from Jira (see Send mails from within Jira ) or by creating an issue from Outlook (see Feature: Send & Share emails )


If the mails were shared with the “conversation”-Sharing Option (see Sharing Options ) the preceding mails in the conversation as well as replies will also be visible, otherwise only the single mail will be visible.

You will not see mails that were shared to a circle of people not including you (see Sharing Options )


Based on the mail and whether or not it is in your own mailbox you will be provided several actions.

  • Open - always active

  • Open in Outlook - only available if the mail is in your mailbox

  • Reply - only available if the mail is in your mailbox

Further information as well as the technical reference on shared office items can be found here:

Share Office Items

Detailed explanation of the possible sharing options can be found here:

Sharing Options