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Audit Log

With our Microsoft 365 for Jira app we also offer Jira admins the possibility to survey any changes made to the app’s features and automation via the “audit log”.

The audit log can be found in the Jira admin settings (sidebar).



  • none - it is available straight away

  • You need to be a Jira admin to access the feature in the admin settings

About the feature


Overview of changes

Stay on track of changes made to the app’s features (Email, Teams, Meetings, To Do), templates and automations.


Select by user

See who made the changes and eventually check back with your teammates.


Select by event target

Choose what kind of changes you want to explicitly access.


Select by event type

See at a glance what exactly has been changed.

You can filter by:

  • Creation

  • Deletion

  • Edit


Select by date

Decide if you only want to see changes made during a specific time period.

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