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Comparison of popular Jira apps for Microsoft Outlook [ARCHIVED, not customer-facing]

With years of experience in Microsoft development, yasoon provides high-quality, secure and state-of-the-art apps made in Germany. Our Outlook Email for Jira app deeply connects Jira and Outlook to enable teams to provide information across tools. This table is going to give an overview of what sets us apart from Atlassians free app "Jira Cloud for Outlook (Official)", so you can easily decide which one is the right fit for you:

Outlook Email for Jira vs. Jira Cloud for Outlook (Official)

✅ supported

❌ not supported


Outlook Email for Jira

Jira Cloud for Outlook (Official)

Features in Outlook

Create new Jira issues from emails

Work with Jira screens in Outlook
(Jira look & feel)

Use custom fields incl. 3rd party apps

Rich text editor takes over text formats from email (like lists, colors and tables)

Share email conversations incl. future replies to Jira

Put Outlook emails in a Jira context via a separate sidebar

Sidebar: Access issue information right in Outlook e.g. status & priority etc.

Sidebar: View all related issues to a specific email in the Conversation Tab

Sidebar: See details about the email sender and their related issues in the Sender Tab

Sidebar: View & leave Jira comments in the Comment Tab

Add emails to existing Jira issues

Integrate with JSM

Features in Jira

See emails related to an issue in the related email panel

Answer on emails and/or email conversations

Send new emails from Jira

Share Jira issues as an email

Use templates with smart values for sending emails from Jira

Use Automation to send emails/trigger events in Jira

Jira admin configuration

Create Jira screen templates and define which Jira fields should be prefilled based on content from emails

Admin: centrally control default app/default settings

Decide if other users/which users can see the email in the related email panel (sharing)

Add a default shared mailbox to send on behalf of


Security Self-Assessment Program

Marketplace Bug Bounty Program



Data Center

*Information from September 2021 based on Atlassian Marketplace

Our Outlook Email for Jira app is now part of Microsoft 365 for Jira: Try now for free

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