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Overall FAQs

Are there any feature differences for Jira Cloud and Jira Server / Data Center?

Until now, yes. We’re thriving for feature similarity on all deployment methods, but always developing new features Cloud-first. Find more on the feature differences here. And check out our roadmap to learn more about or plans on feature similarity.

I have a question on upgrading from another yasoon Jira app!

Read our upgrade information and FAQs there for more details.

I don’t see the features in Jira - why?

Since there are plenty use cases of Microsoft 365 for Jira, not every feature is activated right away. As a Jira admin you can activate features per instance or project in the settings.

I don’t see any features in Outlook - why?

To use the Jira integration for Outlook you’ll need to install the Outlook add-in. Learn how here.

I don’t see any features in Teams - why?

To use the Jira integration for Teams you’ll need to install the Teams app. Learn how here.

I tried Microsoft 365 for Jira and want to downgrade on a stand-alone app.

If you don’t want to use the full feature set of Microsoft 365 for Jira, you can switch to one of the stand-alone apps without loosing your data.

I tried out a stand-alone Jira app and want to upgrade on Microsoft 365 for Jira.

Not a problem! You can upgrade by trialing or buying Microsoft 365 for Jira at the Atlassian Marketplace and cancelling your stand-alone subscription. When activating the features in Microsoft 365 for Jira your pre-existing data will be transferred and you can just pick of work where you left it.

I’m using Jira Service Management – what's in it for me?

Lucky for you, we have compelling use cases especially for Jira Service Management users. Check out our ITSM demo video.

I don’t have Microsoft 365 – can I still use this app?

If you’re using Microsoft Exchange, you won’t be benefitting from the complete features provided by Microsoft 365 for Jira. Although there are features available for Microsoft Exchange in this app, we won’t focus development on Exchange going forward. Nevertheless, if you want to create Jira issues from emails, our stand-alone app Outlook Email for Jira would be a good fit for you (via Atlassian Marketplace).

Where do I find my license ID?

For Cloud apps this is the Entitlement ID, for Server and Data Center apps it is the SEN number (Support Entitlement Number).
You’ll find the license ID in Jira via the “Manage apps” section.

Feature FAQs

Your question is still unsolved? Drop us a line!

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