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Email: Pin the add-in in Outlook on the Web/New Outlook

If you use Outlook on the Web, it is a little bit tricky to find our add-in. This guide shows you how to access the add-in and how to pin it, if you plan to use it regularly. The add-in only works online when you have the Office add-in installed.

Open the add-in

Select an email you would like to use the add-in with. You can open it in a separate window.

Now, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner (you can find them next to Reply, Reply All and Forward).

Pretty far down in the drop-down menu, you can find your Jira for Outlook. Here you can choose between the three actions: New Issue, Add to Issue or View Issues.

Pin the add-in

If you use the add-in regularly, you can pin it next to the reply button in Outlook.

To do so, click on any email and select the “” menu and hit “customize actions”.


If you now checkbox the app it will always be pinned:


Now you are done and the Add-in is pinned permanently in your Outlook. You can find the three buttons next to the reply button in your outlook.

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