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Email: Reset the add-in

Resetting the add-in will remove all your local data and allows you a clean start. Usually you only want to do this if you see weird add-in behavior.

Settings Menu

First, you have to go to your add-in settings.

In Outlook you can either open a window for “New Issue“, “Add to Issue“ or open the sidebar.

Then click on the settings wheel in the upper right corner.

Remove the Jira instance

Switch to the tab Jira Login where you can see all your current Jira instances.

Logout your Jira instance and click on Forget. If you use multiple instances, you have to logout and forget all instances.

After you have deleted your last instance, the add-in removes all data and closes all windows.

Start again

After the reset, you can open the add-in again and now you will see the welcome screen and login.

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