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Jira Cloud vs. Server / Data Center

Microsoft Teams for Jira - Smart Connect is available for our Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center customers. Due to our focus on cloud, we’re releasing new features for Jira Cloud first.

This table helps you to see the current differences between the Jira Cloud and the Jira Server / Data Center version:

Microsoft Teams for Jira - Smart Connect: Jira Cloud vs. Server / Data Center

✅ supported

❌ not supported


Jira Cloud

Jira Server / Jira Data Center

Features in Jira

Start a Microsoft Teams conversation in a Jira issue

Share Jira issues in Microsoft Teams

Post a message either in a Microsoft Teams (group) chat or channel

Decide on the sharing options of your Teams message (user access)

Replies from Microsoft Teams will be displayed automatically in Jira

The Microsoft Teams conversation is linked in Jira

Features in Teams

Create a new Jira issue based on any Microsoft Teams channel conversation and/or chat

Add a Jira issue comment based on a Microsoft Teams conversation and/or chat

Search for and share a Jira issue in any Microsoft Teams channel

Link a Microsoft Teams conversation to an existing Jira issue

Replies from Jira will be displayed automatically in Microsoft Teams

Use your Jira Service Management portal in a custom tab in Microsoft Teams (create new tickets and check on their status)

(Jira Service Management only)

(Jira Service Management only)


Get notifications about activities in Jira filtered by standard and custom fields


Security Self-Assessment Program

Marketplace Bug Bounty Program

*Information from August 2021

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