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Work with Jira board in MS Teams

Collaborate and communicate with your team - even outside of Jira

Work with your Jira boards in a Microsoft Teams tab and give non-Jira users access to Jira boards. You can see the board with its columns, change issue status, add new issues (as a Jira user), and see important issue information in an issue view directly in Microsoft Teams.

Set-up the Jira board as a tab in Microsoft Teams

Add your Jira boards in Microsoft Teams via the Smart Connect bot. In your chosen channel click on the "+" in the tabs panel (setting up tabs can be done either by the MS 365 ADMIN or MS TEAMS OWNER, the configuration of the Teams tab must be done by a JIRA USER).

Here you find a config UI where Jira users can select the board they want to display in the tab. You can choose to notify the channel about this new tab.

Recent boards are suggested, but you can select any board you want (company managed, team managed, software, business, kanban, sprints).

Set up the Jira board as a tab in Microsoft Teams coming from Jira

(Setting up tabs can be done either by the MS 365 ADMIN or MS TEAMS OWNER, the configuration of the Teams tab must be done by a JIRA USER).

Example Jira Work Management board

To work with a a business board, the columns must be arranged initially in the config UI (you can choose the order in which they are shown), then the business board can also be used as a Teams tab.

The Jira boards are now visible as tabs. Also, non-Jira users will be able to see the boards if the admin clicks on "Allow non-Jira-users to see this board". They can make transitions (change the status of issues) if admins click on "Allow non-Jira-users to perform issue transitions". Jira users can create new issues for team-managed projects directly in the tab (non-Jira users cannot).

Side note: When transitioning an issue in the board via drag and drop, only the status of the issue changes. A ranking of issues via drag and drop in the board is not possible yet.

Issue view in Microsoft Teams

With the Jira board in Microsoft Teams, you’ll be able to see a supercharged issue view directly in Microsoft Teams, combining issue details with chat & conversation functionalities. Here also non-Jira users will be able to see relevant Jira information and communicate within the issue view.

By clicking on an issue in the tab or in a channel conversation in Microsoft Teams, you will see the issue view also in Microsoft Teams. Important fields are displayed here with a focus on communication with your team and other teams. This issue view is accessible for users who aren’t logged in to Jira, too.  (No custom fields yet)

You can access attachments of the issue directly in this view (Coming soon: upload attachments)

MS Teams conversations linked to an issue are visible in the sidebar and can be started. You can also link multiple conversations or start new Teams conversations. The Jira issue will then be linked to that conversation.

Side note: For chats there is a technical limitation, so chats are currently displayed as a deep link.

You can directly call and chat with assignees and reporters from within the Microsoft Teams board.

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