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Microsoft Teams set-up

Great, that you decided for the Teams feature! In order to use its full potential, please follow the steps below to finalize its set-up.

1. Prerequisites

  • The installation process below is relevant for Jira Cloud

  • The Microsoft Teams app needs to be installed by your Microsoft Teams owner or Microsoft 365 admin

  • Follow instructions here for Jira Server / Data Center.

2. Install Microsoft Teams app


  • The installation of our Microsoft Teams for Jira - Smart Connect app is a prerequisite to use the whole potential of our Teams feature

  • Only when installing the app, you can use Jira features in Microsoft Teams

Please note: Since our app requires certain permissions, it can only be installed by a team owner in Microsoft Teams. When installing the Smart Connect for Jira app centrally, users will get notified since a bot has been set up.

Step by step

Search for the app

In Microsoft Teams > go via the “…” tab or directly via “Apps”.

Alternatively, use this direct link: Smart Connect for Jira.

(question) Can’t find it: Get help here.

Add to a team

Add the app to a team in your Microsoft Teams.

(question) If this option is disabled, get help here.

Choose a team / channel

Choose where you want to install the app in. Select and continue.

(question) If this step shows an error message, please find help here.

That’s it! Now you can use the app in your team, after you have logged in with your own account.

3. Deploy Microsoft Teams app


In certain environments, installing the Teams app might not be possible, not even by the team owner.

There are two ways to enable the app anyway, though an approval of a Microsoft Teams administrator will be required:

  1. Allow team owners to install app by themselves

  2. Install app individually for specific users

🚀 Either way, follow instructions here!

4. Customer portal in Microsoft Teams



  • The Microsoft Teams owner or Microsoft 365 admin needs to install the Customer Portal into Teams.

Install the Customer Portal

Get your customer portal in the Microsoft Teams sidebar to allow your internal customers to raise support tickets right from Microsoft Teams. 🧭 Get the customer portal!

Why Microsoft Teams app

Microsoft Teams app required

With the app you can access Jira features in Teams and start MS Teams channel conversations in Jira.

Only when installing the Microsoft Teams app you can:

Microsoft Teams app not required

Without the app you can (only) start MS Teams chats in Jira.

If you don’t like or haven’t installed the Microsoft Teams app (yet), you can only:

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