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Enable Jira Sprints

This set-up process is only necessary for Confluence Cloud.

Outlook Calendars for Confluence supports to embed Jira Sprints directly into Confluence.

However, due to restrictions in Jira API, accessing Sprints requires an admin to install the free app yasoon Connect for Jira on the Jira instance.

Working with Jira Sprints requires the free yasoon Connect for Jira app on the Jira instance

Steps to enable Jira Sprints calendars

📂 Open the Jira instance you want to connect.

💻 Install our app from the Atlassian Marketplace or go to “Manage apps” in your Jira settings.

🧐 Search for the yasoon Connect for Jira app and click on “get started”.

👉 Please follow the instructions to create an application link here.

(tick) When the app is installed on the Jira system, Jira Sprints are enabled for this instance.

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