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How-to work with Jira calendars

Status quo

  • IT project managers work in different tools to different extents:

    • Jira: to check on development process

    • Outlook: to check on emails with customer

  • Overview of dates right in one place is challenging. Especially in Confluence, because:

    • switching tools to get necessary information = annoying, stressful and time consuming

    • collecting information from different tools = risk of losing information on the way

    • topicality of information (Outlook calendars) is maybe not given due to sync with additional plugin

Expectation/Need for …

  • for a calendar in Confluence which provides all data needed (Outlook & Jira) - in real-time - to:

    • e.g. to provide general data centrally for the team

      • shared Outlook calendars such as dev-events, holidays, general availabilities

      • and insert a current user’s Jira calendar to access own data among shared data

      • or insert only Jira specific dates for your team (as an overview about upcoming tasks)

    • e.g. to assign (open) issues among the team

      • show unassigned or open Jira issues and

      • show specific User calendars (capacity, availability)

    • e.g. to access necessary data on alert

      • focus on Jira dates e.g. show Jira issues with due date and

      • inset a current user’s Jira calendar

    • e.g. to plan (bigger) IT projects centrally

      • show shared and specific user Outlook calendars (check on availability)

      • show Jira dates such as planned Releases to align with team capacity

Outlook Calendars for Confluence offers

  • real-time data in Confluence (no sync needed)

  • topicality > reliable data (source) > transparency

  • It is based on MS 365 and thus, is fully integrated with all your Office-products

Work with your Jira calendars in Confluence means:

  • Choose from a variety of Jira calendar templates

    • Insert Jira releases as events

      • Jira sprints coming soon!

    • Add Jira issues to your calendar

    • Insert a current user’s Jira calendar

      • via JQL filter

      • Template coming soon!

    • Add Jira dates based on Jira filter

      • content!

  • Edit Jira calendars (in several ways)

    • permission sharing

    • Jira issues: Projects display

    • Jira releases: Releases display

  • Choose from different view options

    • recommendation calendar view

    • recommendation timeline view

    • recommendation list view


  • Quick & easy calendar set-up

  • Fully integrates in existing processes

  • Simplifies overall IT project management

  • Information can be handled, organized and worked with in one place: Confluence

  • New calendar sharing experience

  • Comprehensible user guidance

  • Effective IT project management

  • Handy tool for Service & Support

  • One place for your all team’s work

You want to be up-to-date on our development? Watch our Roadmap!

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