(tick) New features

  • Added a new quickfilter to the calendar

  • Improved connectivity setup and enhanced logs


🧐 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed issue with time zones in some edge cases

🧐 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed Outlook calendars not always loading when too many calendars are present

  • For Confluence 8 compatibility: Editing the macro on unsaved drafts has been blocked (After saving, the calendar is editable again)

(tick) New features

  • Outlook events are now fully editable

  • Added a date picker to quickly navigate in view mode

  • Recurring status of Outlook events is visible on calendar view

  • Added german translation

🧐 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed buttons in event hover not always working

  • Fixed some Jira calendars only fetching 20 issues

  • Fixed events showing as all day, when switching from agenda month to other agenda views

  • Fixed calendar migration not working for older calendar versions


(tick) New features

  • Added Jira sprint calendar

  • Added create event button in bottom right corner

  • Enabled the calendar to be added in the Confluence excerpt macro

🧐 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed fetching Outlook events for over 60 days did not work

  • Fixed JQL parsing not working reliably

  • Fixed editing JQL calendars not working

  • Fixed migration from v1 not finishing for some customers

  • Added warning message if a calendar is not sharable

  • Improved error handling if SSL certificate is outdated


🧐 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed the evaluation of the license in the macro


🚀 We're excited to release a new major version of our app Outlook Calendars for Confluence! We have refactored the entire app and a lot has changed, find out what's new here. 🎉

Before upgrading to the latest version of the app, please verify that your infrastructure meets our new requirements. We have summarised them on our requirements page.