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Switching from Team Calendars

You want to switch from Atlassian’s Team Calendars to Outlook Calendars for Confluence? This pages is here to help you in your decision-making process.

Facts & Figures

💿 Different data source

Of course, both calendar tools are different - but they also do have a lot in common. The distinguishing feature is the data source.

Outlook Calendars for Confluence is especially helpful, if you’re already working with Microsoft 365-based calendars in your company. All your data stays on Microsoft 365 and is only displayed in Confluence. This avoids data silos and offers real-time views and editing.

With Team Calendars the data lives in Confluence - so if your company isn’t based on Microsoft 365 this might be positive for you.

💳 Same features, better price

Outlook Calendars for Confluence and Team Calendars nearly have the same features, but it costs less than using Confluence Premium. See our in-depth comparison sheet to explore what we match and what you save (Confluence Cloud only).

Our award-winning Outlook Calendars for Confluence app is available since 2017 - and we’re here to stay.

💻 Technical requirements

The new version of Outlook Calendars for Confluence is available for

  • Confluence Cloud, Server and Data Center

  • Microsoft 365 school or business

🔐 Security

Of course, Outlook Calendars for Confluence is matching all of Atlassian’s security standards and we always stay on top of all new security programs:

Migration to Outlook Calendars for Confluence

You want to migrate from Team Calendars to Outlook Calendar for Confluence?
Follow the instructions!

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