Release notes for Microsoft Teams for Jira - Smart Connect.



  • Fixed an issue where the Teams channel list would not load in Jira



  • Fixed that installation on Jira Server / Data Center systems with OpenJDK9+ would fail

  • Fixed that Jira index would not correctly index issues when M365 for Jira + one of our other apps was installed in parallel

Version 2.0.0

New technical base, shared with all our other apps, will make maintenance easier in the future.

Version 1.9.2


  • Fixed a recently introduced bug where the JSM queue view would not render correctly with version 1.9.0 installed

Version 1.9.0

This release updates a lot of functionality under the hood, so if you notice any issues, please reach out to!

New features

  • Introduced a new quick button in the issue view to easily start a conversation or chat

  • When scheduling a meeting using our Outlook Meetings for Jira app, we will now post a well-formatted card instead of the long comment to all linked Teams conversations

Notable bugfixes

  • Moved the “issue content” view down to appear above the activity section to be less invasive

  • Fixed that the “issue content” view would appear when no conversation or chat exists

  • Moved the “issue activity” tab to appear behind the comments tab to be more accessible

  • Fixed that the “issue activity” tab would appear in addition to the “issue content” view if no change to the setting was made initially

  • Moved the “Start new conversation” button in the issue action menu to the bottom to restore the top position for “Log Work”

  • Fixed a bug that parent issues would not load correctly when creating a subtask from Teams

  • Fixed that setting a value for a date time picker would not create the issue from Teams

  • Fixed a bug that some issue type or request type icons would not load in Teams

Version 1.8.8

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed: Logging out in Jira would not work

  • Fixed: Issue updates & comments would not be posted to Teams

Version 1.8.5

New features

  • More fields are now supported when creating an issue from Teams: Epic, labels & parent issue (subtasks)

Notable bugfixes

  • Fixed that creating chats did not show the chat in Jira afterwards

  • Fixed that in issue list / JSM queue views, the “Start conversation” button would redirect to Jira homepage

  • Fixed that creating issues from Teams did not work

  • Fixed that mentioning users in a channel post would not work without switching channels first

  • Fixed that channel images would not load sometimes

  • Fixed that portal view in Teams would show back button with no function

Version 1.7.0

Initial release