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As a German vendor, we understand the significance of privacy for businesses. That's why we have dedicated time and effort to ensure compliance with all GDPR requirements and to provide you with a detailed privacy policy.

Privacy by design

Generally, the data collected during the use of our products is used exclusively to enhance features, improve the products, or assist in troubleshooting. We are a product-focused company, not data-driven – our aim is to use data to improve products, not to generate revenue.

At yasoon, we strictly adhere to the policy of not storing your Jira content (such as issues, comments, etc.) or Microsoft content (like chats or emails) on our servers. However, to ensure our app functions properly, we must process some data in the most secure manner possible.

To learn more about what data we store and process, jump to our product documentation: Data Storage and processing (

Access control and training

yasoon employees who access yasoon customer personal data (e.g. in a support case, where you share your data with us) receive training on proper handling procedures and are obligated to preserve its confidentiality and security.

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