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Use Outlook calendars in Jira

Add a configurable Outlook calendar to display Outlook and Jira events in Jira projects.

Quick overview

Facts & Benefits

  • Benefit: Add personal and MS Teams calendars and / or Jira dates to your calendar right in Jira

  • Choose from our calendar templates (Outlook, Teams, Jira) to build your (team) calendar

  • Calendar layout (settings): Define your individual calendar layout (see below)

  • Good to know: Individualize your calendar access every time you insert a new calendar (template)

  • Switch between calendars: Once calendars are added, they can be turned on or off by clicking on the β€œeye” - so keep an eye on the most relevant dates for the moment πŸ˜‰

  • Benefit: Schedule meetings right in your Outlook calendar in Jira! A separate Outlook meeting request is send out to the attendees' inbox at the same time!

Work with your Outlook calendar

Outlook calendar in Jira

Access the calendar feature in the Jira sidebar β†’ β€œOutlook calendars”.

Click on the β€œwheel” next to β€œcalendars” at the top to insert new calendars.

Choose calendar layout

Right here you can adjust the calendar layout.

Choose between list view, calendar view, timeline view.

Choose a calendar template

Our calendar templates allow you to insert different calendar data e.g. Outlook calendars, MS Teams channel calendar or Jira dates.

Set date for calendar view

Finished with inserting relevant calendar dates?

Set a fixed date for your calendar view to have important dates right at hand (e.g. event planning).

Accessibility options (sharing)

Sharing calendar access

When working with your Outlook calendars, you can choose who can access, what can be viewed, and what can be changed.

Event details

Decide what kind of event details users can access:

- Full event details
- Title and location
- View only

Event editing

Choose also what users can change when accessing the event:

- Full permissions to change
- Send meeting requests
- View only

Add Jira dates

Add Jira project issues

This is just an example of different Jira dates (Jira calendar templates) you can choose from.

Decide as well, what exactly you wish to be displayed in your calendar.

Visibility settings for Jira dates

Choose on more settings on what kind of information should be display how. We offer different options:

- Projects display
- Visibility settings
- Start and end date

Schedule a meeting (right in Jira)

Feature_Outlook calendars_Schedule a meeting.jpg

Set-up a meeting

With our Outlook calendar in Jira you schedule meetings just like you are used from Outlook.

Decide between simple/advanced mode and link the meeting to an issue!

Personal calendar

Personal calendar in Jira

In Jira Cloud, you’ll also have your personal calendar available by default.

Click β†’ β€œApps” β†’ β€œPersonal Calendar”.

Work with that calendar the same as mentioned above.


  • Activation of Calendar feature by Jira admin β†’ the feature works right away!

  • Works for Jira Cloud & Server (publicly available)

  • Works with Microsoft 365 (the calendar sync requires M365 log-in)

Configuration options

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