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Email: Supported custom fields

We support many custom fields developed by Marketplace vendors.

As it’s a manual effort for certain kinds of fields, we do not support all possible fields out of the box.

In case you are missing any crucial fields in the screen to create a new request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll try to add requested fields in upcoming releases.

Marketplace App

Custom fields


Tempo Timesheets - Time Tracking & Reports

  • Account

  • Team

Server/ DC/ Cloud

STAGIL Assets - Advanced Links, Graphs and Matrix

  • Relations

Server/ DC


  • catworkx Moneyfield

Server/ DC

Icons for Jira 

  • Icon Select

  • Icon Multiselect

Server/ DC

Elements Connect - external data fields

  • Live text

  • Live use

  • Snapshot text

  • Snapshot date (read only)

  • Snapshot date time (read only)

Server/ DC

Insight - Asset Management

  • Default object

  • Object reference

  • Object reference multi

Server/ DC

User Property Manager 

  • Text and select

Server/ DC

Epic Sum Up - Simple Project Management

  • Epic Sum Up

Server/ DC

vLinks - Easy Issue Linking 

  • Multi field

  • Single field

Server/ DC

CRM for Jira - Customers & Sales

  • Company select

  • Companies select

  • Contact select

  • Contacts select

  • Single product

  • Multi product

Server/ DC

Dynamic Forms for Jira

  • Dynamic Checkboxes

  • Dynamic Radio Buttons

  • Dynamic Select

  • Dynamic Secured Select

  • Dynamic Multiselect

  • Dynamic Secured multi select

  • Dynamic Cascading Select

Server/ DC

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